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e Buying explained well how do we do it why are our Elddis Motorhomes and Auto Sleeper range are so cheap? With the award winning Autoquest and Aspire ranges we make it easy for you to purchase a great motorhome from us with Just a Form and email or phone call to us to get things started. It is simple we sell virtually direct from the factory gates pre delivery inspected and checked by the factory, paperwork done online, drive away prices and for a small cost delivered to your doorstep, if you want to as well we can send them overseas.

We keep our costs down by selling the concept online at supermarket prices!

The savings are all for you to keep and spend on whatever you fancy!

So is it a good deal or not?

Lets consider this, a new motorhome is usually advertised at a list price for example 61,495 and you are offered a part exchange price of 30,000 so you need 31,495 in cash to change your motorhome!

So far so good!

You got a very good part exchange price, better than anyone else offered you! It made your day well done! It was a great deal and made you feel better off and very good!

Or was it a good deal?

You parted with 31,495 in hard cash to change your motorhome for a new one!

Now consider buying on an e deal !

Our e price is 56,999 and our part exchange price is 26,500

So you were offered 2,500 less for your used motorhome (disaster you are down 2,500 on the deal and that is not good)

So that is not a good deal or is it?

It will cost you 30,499 to change and drive the new e deal motorhome away!

996 pounds less to exchange than taking the higher 30,00 part exchange price (you got more but got less how did that happen?)

So which is the real deal for you?

Getting a higher part exchange or paying less to change?

The end result is very simple.

996 pounds saved on your e deal takes you on a good holiday

996 pounds buys you about 711 liters a lot of Diesel providing you with about 5,500 miles of motorhoming bliss in a brand new motorhome!

So is it e deal for you? Or is it top part exchange and pay more!

"All the best from the three men in a motorhome"

Save on e deals right now

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