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Ask an Expert: Mark Harrison our After Sales Manager here at Motor Plus motorhomes.

"Here at Motor Plus motorhomes we are very aware of supporting all of our customers who have purchased a new or used motorhome from us. We also welcome any one with warranty problems on their Auto Sleepers even if they didn't purchase it from us".

We are proud to say we are now a Dometic Motorhome Centre which means you can come and purchase any Dometic product from us and have it fitted by our trained staff, giving you the piece of mind that the job has been done correctly.

After Sales is the hub of any business and we strive to help people as quickly as we can to get their problem sorted whether that is working with Auto Sleeper or our warranty partner MB&G Insurance Services we can deliver a second to none service with the team we have here.

Contact Mark Harrison. Telephone: 44 (0) 1332 360222 

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We are here to help you to book a service or an MOT test for your motorhome or campervan please contact us.

Servicing a motorhome or campervan is a matter of planning and helping a customer with the logistics of the event, you may have to travel a fair way but when you arrive here in Derby we have space for you to park and you have an option of waiting for your vehicle to be done and of relaxing in our lounge area with a coffee and newspaper and looking at the news on TV.

Being based in the center of Derby we are 15 mins from the M1 motorway just off the Brian Clough Way from Nottingham and we are very easy to find so instead of waiting in our showroom lounge area you can go for a walk round the corner and go shopping or site seeing in Derby city center, we are right in the center of the Cathedral quarter. near to museums and places of interest. Alternatively we can book you a low cost rental vehicle and have it booked and waiting for you to arrive and you can just leave your motorhome or campervan with us and call back to collect it later when the work has been done.

Many different makes of motorhomes and campervans are repaired and Habitation serviced by our team of experts.

Motor Plus Habitaion LogoHere at Motor Plus we can help you to get your used motorhome or campervan serviced what ever the make. We are on hand to offer advice on what needs servicing in line with manufactures recommended service times. Most important we can help you establish what is and is not needed to be done and when and if the service is urgent or not! We feel we need to help our customers old and new even if you brought your vehicle from another dealer we want to help you and we find times where customers have brought a motorhome or campervan and find that the supplying dealer will not carry out warranty work! Just contact us about any servicing needs on any make of vehicle we can only tell you what we can and can do if we cannot do we know a man who can!

Our handover service at Motor Plus motorhomes are a passion we want to share with all our customers.

Ask an expert. Dan Cape Handover manager at Motor Plus motorhomes.

"Hi I am Dan Cape here at Motor Plus motorhomes from the moment we sell you a vehicle our after sales service here at Motor Plus kicks in. When you have spent the time locating and discussing your purchase with our sales team and finalising the deal all the documentation comes through to us in the customer services and handover team. I am here to help you in the handover process and to ensure that the motorhome or campervan that you are taking delivery of is fully demonstrated and explained to you. This does take up some time but that is all part of the service that we provide.

After sales are a key part to our motorhomes and campervans business.

Motor Plus understands that one of the most important parts of any business is how you look after customers after you have sold them a motorhome or campervan. Also you must provide a good after sales service to anyone who needs help. Customers are respected here at Motor Plus and we want to make sure that you get the right attention when dealing with us. Based here in Derby in the heart of the East Midlands we are well located to help you to get your motorhome or campervan serviced and repaired.

A full after sales service is part of our portfolio call our customer services for help.

We want to be able to help you at all times and our main aim if you are looking for help in any servicing or maintenance of your motorhome or campervan we are just a phone call away. You may need extras fitted or want a habitation or hibernation check carried out at short notice we know what it takes so please give our after sales service a try.

Do not worry if you did not buy your motorhome or campervan from us, if you have a warranty problem and we can help you to get it fixed we will. No one likes breaking down or things to go wrong but in life they do and we understand that the last thing you need is hassle to get things working again. Your vehicle may be due an MOT and you may be going away and forgot about it we will always help at short notice if we can.

Parts ordering and fitting extras for your motorhome or campervan.

Sometimes parts are not available and have to be ordered again we will do all we can to help you to get back on the road. If you need extras fitting we do most things except stand on our heads, such as fitting tow bars, bike racks, different water tanks, awnings, storage racks and we provide a valeting and touch up paint service as well.

Ask an expert. John Wright motorhome expert here at Motor Plus motorhomes.  

Hi I am John Wright and I am more than happy to help you in any way to make sure that your motorhome or campervan is running in good order. I have worked on many different types of makes and models of motorhomes and campervans over the years and we learn more and more every day. Training helps a lot but actually doing the work is where you pick up things that make you understand better any faults that we find from time to time. Motorhomes and campervans are not really like cars, yes they have a steering wheel, brakes, lights and tyres but it is the lay outs and fittings that are really detailed. I guess it is like being a mechanic, plumber, electrician and carpenter all rolled into one, anyway back to work remember we are all here to help you.

We are Safeguard Insurance approved dealers

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