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Motorhome accessories do you need some Help?

Fitting accessories and extras can add value to your motorhome or campervan all part of our customer service.

Ask an expert. Mark Harrison our After Sales Manager here at The Auto Sleeper Exhibition Centre: 

"Our Service Centre are here to help you with any accessories that you may need help with and fitting to your motorhome or campervan. Customer service is all part of building a good team of experts and sharing things with our many customers of many different makes and models that come through our door. For a range of accessories and fitting services available for you to choose from please feel free to contact our Aftersales Department. 

Tel: 01332 360222 or Email

Contact us and we will help you to choose and fit all types of extras and accessories to your motorhome or campervan. Our Service Centre has been supplying motorhome and campervan accessories for a number of years now, from awnings, bike racks and aerials to the latest satellite technology which can make a difference. Other great accessories we fit include:

Alarms - Tracking Systems - Awnings - Automatic Satellite Systems - Reverse Camera Systems - Solar Panels - Reverse Sensors - Paintwork Protection - Tow bars - Extra Leisure Batteries - TVs and more.

No job is to large or small for our qualified team of professionals, give us a try.

We can help offer advice to you on a lot of products that we have fitted to motorhomes in the past. We get asked all sorts of different things and are on hand to pass on our experience to you in choosing the right extras and getting them fitted for you. We supply a wide range of motorhome accessories for many different makes of motorhomes and campervans and we know that what ever you are looking for we can supply and fit for you.

Fiamma bike racks

With our best selling accessory we are here to help you to get the work done both on your bike and off your bike. You can feel assured that the levels of service you will receive from us when you have a bike rack fitted to your motorhome will be first class, bike racks should be an easy things to fit but at times they need to be fully understood, are they carrying one two or three bikes and even more at times? 

You want two things one they are easy to load on and take off and two that you know that the bike rack has the correct fitting kit and has been fitted by someone who knows what they are doing!


Fiamma awnings. 

Fiamma awnings are well just about the best awning to fit to any motorhome they are stylish easy to put up and take down and are the most reliable awning on the market. The expert Italian design that goes in to a Fiamma awning makes them different from the rest, they have great safety features to match the secure way the awning is fixed to any motorhome. 

With easy to put together telescopic legs and a simple locking system in place you can get that awning taken down just as quick as it is to get the awning out for those hot sunny days or that un expected shower of rain. We can get most of the range at short notice please ask us for a price you will be surprised of how great a value these awnings really are.

Vision Plus Rear View Parking Systems

The most useful motorhome reversing camera on the market, in our opinion, is the Vision Plus system. The display from the rear of the motorhome is a great feature when parking in tight parking areas and a real safety feature as well when on camp sites with children playing. When you are on those narrow roads in Europe and have to back up you can do so with the help of the Vision Plus camera with ease and safety. We can fit them to most motorhomes and are a really good accessory to have on your motorhome.

Solar Power from Solar Technology you will be saving energy.

The Solar kits are ideal for motorhomes where using a bigger solar panel free standing is either undesirable or there is a risk of theft. The kits are supplied complete with everything that is needed to safely mount the solar panel to steel aluminium and GRP roof. 

We find them to be very good and they are easy to maintain and fit so boost your performance with a Solar power package! The feed back from the panels that we have fitted are very good, let the Sun do the work for you and after the cost you have a great deal of free power to use in your motorhome sounds good and that word, FREE, is always well received!

We fit SmarTrack tracking systems

The facts are you need to protect your motorhome and with more than 300,000 vehicles stolen every year, the UK is one of the worst places for a vehicle to be stolen from in Europe! We hear of cases of motorhomes being taken from the most unlikely places, today's new breed of professional vehicle thieves even steal to order, so protect your motorhome with a tracking device that you can rely on. Here at Motor Plus Motorhomes we have found a product that we think is the answer, SmarTrack 

The Protector pro and the Trident systems give you the peace of mind that your motorhome or campervan is fully protected

Outsmart The Thief - Tracker and alarm package

A recent addition to our accessories with the Motorhome Defender taking the lead with a combined Tracker and CAT 1 alarm with built in 'Safe Stop' technology.

Oyster Satellite Systems

We supply and fit one of the best satellite systems on the market and with the Oyster system you certainly get the quality. There are a range of different systems to fit and we are on hand to help you and offer advice of the system that best suits your requirements.

Maxview Satellite Systems

We are proud to say that we are now supplying and fitting Maxview products to further enhance the leisure products that our Aftersales Department can supply and fit.

Avtex TV/DVD/Built in satellite receiver

Avtex has been the trusted name for mobile leisure specific TV in the UK for over 25 years.  Our dedicated team design our TVís with the mobile user in mind.  

Sleek design, high quality componentry, rigorous testing, excellent viewing standards and cutting edge features are the hallmark of Avtex products.   

Avtex TVís are the Ďmust-haveí TV for your motorhome and are installed by many leading manufacturers.

Paintseal Direct G3 Glasscoat

At The Auto Sleeper Exhibition Centre we are asked a lot about how to keep a motorhome clean both on the inside and outside, well all we can say is that using the Paintseal products does make a difference. 

The paintwork is well protected and maintains a real finish just washing down your motorhome with the Paintseal G3 treatment you can see how it works to protect you paintwork. Not forgetting the inside and upholstery again using Paintseal interior products makes a big difference stains just wipe away with a damp cloth.

Auto Sleeper Exhibition Centre

You can be assured that when you purchase one of our used motorhomes or campervans, you will be receiving the very best in customer service. From your initial enquiry all the way through to after sales, we ensure that you as the customer is always put first. However when you have your vehicle back home you may just think if only I had ordered one with an awning and a bike rack or why didn't we fit a tow bar? 

If you do then get in touch and we will help you out and through our experiences in delivering what people want when it comes to motorhome accessories, we are fast becoming the preferred suppliers of motorhome accessories to our customers who visit our exhibition centre and find us on the Internet. 

Our service centre supply and fit accessories from a wide range of products that you might want to add to your motorhome specification. Genuine accessories that have been professionally fitted can help enhance the value of your motorhome when you come to sell or put it in part exchange for a newer motorhome.

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