Motorhome and Campervan Insurance

Motorhome and Campervan Insurance

Look at insurance companies who specialise in motorhomes and campervans.

Understand about insuring your motorhome or campervan it is not just a matter of adding the vehicle to your car insurance policy. These are quite expensive sums of money to insure and you must get the best cover available. An extension to your normal current car insurance policy may not be sufficient when covering the special needs of your motorhome or campervan. You may find that some motor insurance companies do not seem to always appreciate that the cost of some motorhomes and campervans can be almost as expensive as a house! 

However the insurance for a motorhome or campervan can be different to your house insurance and just as an example and a factor to consider, is that some of these motorhomes and campervans do not use normal fuel like petrol or diesel, they run on LPG and therefore there is a different value and risk. Allways check out the wording on any cheap motorhome insurance offers! Not all motorhome insurance companies are as cheap as you may well think!

Getting adequate insurance for motorhomes and campervans is essential.

Remember check all the items for cover on your policy, it is just like an extension of your home and its probable that many of the items you enjoy at home will also travel around with you, things that we use everyday and certainly on our holidays in our motorhome or campervan like laptops, TVs, cash, credit cards, Sat Navigation, bicycles, BBQs, the list is endless are a perfect target for thieves and as we all know, many of these items are expensive and sometimes have a personal value as well.

Go online and get a quote today for your motorhome or campervan today remember to make sure you have all your drivers named and covered, leave nothing to chance make sure you understand what your policy really covers you and your family when on holiday in your motorhome or campervan.

Visiting Europe and beyond are you covered and for how long?

Make sure you check the policy for European travel and make sure you are covered. Planning where you are going is one thing, however taking your motorhome or campervan on an extended trip to Europe or beyond is another thing then as with any insurance quote, always check the small print to confirm that you are completely covered and particularly check how many days you are covered for per trip because some insurers may stipulate the maximum number of days of cover in Europe. As with a credit card company let them know you are going International! Contact your insurance company and make sure you have cover for all the time you are away.

Searching for Motorhome Insurance online.

Motorhome Insurance can be found online and there are many websites offering cheap motorhome insurance and there are specialist motorhome insurance companies many of who can provide temporary motorhome insurance, offering cover for those of you who are needing self build motorhome insurance as well. Some just specialise in American motorhome insurance other websites provide more details of cover needed, you may find really good information on a motorhome insurance comparison site.

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