Tracking and Alarm Systems

We fit CAT 1 Alarms and Tracking Systems

Protect your investment with a CAT 1 alarm or a tracking system and remember most insurance companies give you a discount on your insurance premium.

We fit the following tracking systems by SmarTrack: (Click on product to find out more information) 

Protector pro


Click the above links to find out more and how these two systems can help protect your motorhome or campervan. Remember there is a yearly subscription that is payable or you can have a duration of vehicle ownership one off payment.

We fit the following CAT 1 alarms and Trackers from Outsmart the Thief: (Click on product to find out more information) 

Motorhome Defender

Euro 5 Alarm

Please remember when purchasing a Tracker there is a subscription charge which is collected by the manufacturer directly.

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